Break Room Therapy

West Michigan's ONLY rage room experience!

A safe place to lose control and so much fun also

House Rules:
Yes I know life is full of rules and this seemed like the place you could break all rules- but we want you to have a fun time and to stay safe we still have to make rules for your own safety.

1- Participants must either be over the age of 18 or aged 13+ with a parent/guardian who will be staying on the premises during the session.

2- Participants must have a signed waiver on file before participating.

3-Closed toed shoes are required absolutely no sandals, flip flops, crocs, ladies flats, heels etc.

4-All weapons/tools used will be provided by the facility. You may bring in your own smashables but not your own weapons.

5-All outside items to be smashed will be reviewed by our staff first. Some items such as batteries, CRT TV's or halogen bulbs for example are not allowed. You are allowed to bring up to 10 additional glass items for free as long as they are clean. 10 total not per person!

6-You may use your phone for photos, videos or live streaming :) . We do offer flash drive recordings of your session as well if you would like for a small extra fee. 

7-If you or others in your party appear to be intoxicated you will not be allowed to participate.

8. Only 2 people allowed in a room at a time however others can watch from the viewing window and can tag-team in and out as needed. Smashing of the room is not allowed! Only smashing of the breakable items provided to you or that you brought in are allowed. 

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