Break Room Therapy

West Michigan's ONLY rage room experience!

A safe place to lose control and so much fun also

Our business takes customer safety very seriously. From day one we have always disinfected all safety equipment after each session, and we continue to do that now. We use hospital grade cleaning products to clean the equipment. With one immune compromised owner, we understand the importance of protecting our customers as much as possible. Even with our commitment to keeping equipment disinfected, we are asking you to do your part, too. If you have an appointment scheduled with us but are not feeling well, PLEASE contact us to reschedule. If you are considering booking an appointment but have some symptoms of illness, please delay your visit for now. We’ll be here when you’re no longer under the weather!

Your safety is and will always be our top priority!

Dawn and David
The Owners of Break Room Therapy

Top Questions we are asked:

 1. What is Break Room Therapy?
Have you ever been so mad or sad that you wanted to throw something? Have you ever related to the famous fax-machine scene in the movie “Office Space”? Are you looking for a new way to spend some energy? Well, that’s why! The opportunity to physically release some emotions, and have some fun while you do it, is exactly what you need. We DO NOT encourage or support responding physically to things in your day to day life, but we DO support you coming to our facility to release your emotions in our safe place.

2. Can my friends, co-workers or family come with me?
Yes they sure can however no more then 2 people may be in a room at a time. You can however tag team in and out as often as you need to or others with you are free to watch from outside the room with our video monitors or safety windows. However, all participants must be over 13 yrs old. And participants aged 13-17 must have an adult present. 

3. What Do I Get to Break? Can I Bring Stuff From Home?
We have tons of options for your breaking pleasure! From tea cups to TVs and so many things in between. We have many different glass breakables, small electronic items and we are always interested in new ideas from you. You’re also welcome to bring those pictures of your ex or the vase he gave you for your last anniversary. Did you just leave a bad job and you need to get rid of some old office equipment? Have a little fun with it first!
*We allow you to bring up to 10 additional glass items for free. Electronics that you bring in are charged a $5 disposal fee per item and all outside items are subject to staff review.

While you are more than welcome to bring items from home, please note that not everything is safe/allowed. We do not allow liquids, explosives, tube TVs or items filled with ink/paint to name a few. All items you bring must be reviewed by our staff before being allowed in the room for smashing. Please give us a call to discuss any items you may be considering.

4.Do you take donations?
YES- we sure do however please note not all items are accepted. As noted previously bubble back monitors and TVs are not allowed as they contain lead and other hazardous materials. We also do not accept any furniture or larger appliances. We are always looking for dishes, glasses, flat screen monitors/TVs, ceramics, picture frames basically anything you can imagine that would smash. We are available by appointment during non-business hours or when open, items can be brought directly to us.

5. Is this only for people who are stressed or angry?
Absolutely not, there is a sense of entertainment value to this also. It is a activity unlike most other things you have likely done. We all deal with day to day stressors and its not healthy to keep it all bottled up and releasing it, in a safe space, is a better choice. So individuals dealing with pent up emotions will hopefully be able to release those here. But this isn't a place just for stress its a entertainment also.  Also, we by no means imply our services to be a replacement for counseling we are just a space to be able to physically let go and there is a therapeutic value to this service. 

6. Do you offer any specials/discounts?
We have a few current promotions.
1-If you dine at any of the following locations Woody's Press Box,   84th Street Pub & Grill  AleBird  within 7 days of a visit with us and show us your receipt at check-in you will save 10%.
2- If you are a Active or Veteran in the military show us your Active Military ID or your DD214 at check-in and save 15%. We also extend this discount to emergency service personnel (police, fire & ambulance)
3- We have a frequent visitor card that you earn points for every visit and after your 10th visit you can either get a free individual session or $30 off a session. 
4- We have a referral program, if you have a session with us and then a friend makes an appointment and indicates they came because of you then we give you a $5 credit. And credits do accumulate- so the more that come the higher your credit. 

7. What is your cancellation policy?
We maintain a zero cancellation policy. However, if you contact us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled reservation, we will be happy to change your reservation to a new date and time that will work for you. Missed reservations where no notice or less than 24 hours prior notice is provided will be charged full price and not offered the opportunity to schedule a new reservation date.

8. Is there anything I can't wear?
We have plenty of safety equipment but the one requirement we have when you come is, you must wear close toed shoes.  Absolutely no sandals, flip flops, ladies flats, crocks or heels.  No exceptions.

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