Break Room Therapy

West Michigan's ONLY rage room experience!

A safe place to lose control and so much fun also

What to expect:

As of right now we are unable to take walk-in's per the current COVID state guidelines.     All sessions are by appointment only.  Want to book or see package options? Click here

You will then choose your "tools" such as a baseball bat, hammer, sledge hammer or crow bar for example. We have waivers you must sign. After the waivers are signed we will get you in your safety gear. Some of the safety gear includes body suits, safety hats with visors, gloves and shoe covers.  NO SANDALS ARE ALLOWED- everyone must wear full shoes such as boots or tennis shoes.

Then comes the fun- you will be taken to your room. Our staff will provide a few important rules and guidelines then its all up to you! Smash, crash and bash your emotions away. With each hit of your tool to your object you will feel all those pent up emotions release from you. Want a copy of your event? We can do that also for a small fee we can make a copy and place it on a flash drive for you or you are welcome to take photos or videos with your own phone.  
Why a "break room" and about us:
West Michigan's First and Only experience like this!

Owners, Dawn and David, saw a need to provide others with a release outlet for those that have pent up emotions. Too often when stuff is happening we are told "it will be ok" and made to feel we are just supposed to deal with it. But, what do you do with the emotions of whatever is bothering you? Break Room Therapy provides a safe environment allowing patrons an opportunity to physically release their emotions. Ever been told to scream into a pillow? Why be quiet? Let it go, scream if you are compelled to and just take that swing of a bat to a set of dishes and physically see your emotions release. Its amazing how calming you will feel once you just unleash all you can on your smashing. 

Angry about your job, recent break-up, co-workers driving you crazy, road construction everywhere you drive, kids always fighting with each other or anything else just driving you crazy? Have you recently received some sad news or something else bothering you? You know the scene in the movie "Office Space" where they beat up the fax machine we both know you wanted to do that also! Or do you simply just want to come and try something different either alone or with a few friends? This does not have to be just for when something is wrong- this is a lot of fun also and can be a fun activity also.

Contact us and experience a experience you have always wished you could do but never had the outlet to make happen! We have had many different events from birthdays, anniversaries, divorce parties, engagement parties, gender reveal, date nights and guy/girls night out!